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  • Are you licensed?
    Yes, anyone operating a drone for any sort of compensation must be a part 107-certified remote pilot. This means they must have either recieved Section 333 approval from the FAA or have passed their CFR Part 107 test, in which case they would have a remote piliot ID number or certificate. All aerial photographers working for Annapolis Ascent meet these requirements.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, Annapolis Ascent is covered by a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy to ensure that, in the event of an accident, any damages to people or property are fully covered; however, we thoroughly train our pilots to eliminate the risks associated with operating drones. Please refer to our policies & procedures for more information.
  • Are drones safe?
    Yes, our pre-flight checklist and flight procedures ensure that each and every flight our pilots take is safe. Our pre-flight checklist includes checking each property for obstacles, verifying that the flight is in compliance with FAA regulations, and making sure that the drone is fit for flight. Our general flight procedures include use of the following: - Flight Log - Maintence Log - Job Site & Service Report - Safety Procedures Handbook - Potential Hazard Identification & Mitigation Report
  • Can you operate drones in Washington, D.C.?"
    Under most circumstances we cannot and will not operate within a 30 mile radius of Washington, D.C.; however, on special occasions (and with enough time to prepare for the job being performed), we can apply to be granted a temporary waiver by the FAA to carry out the work requested. The approval process can take up to 3 months from the time that the request is submitted. Please contact us for more information.
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